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Against aging

Against aging

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Long life seems attractive, but as we grow older, we become carriers of whole bouquets of diseases and burdens of late stages of life that prevent us from enjoying old age.  Science is trying to create ways to extend the life of a healthy life - not just life.

 Although modern medicine and a healthy lifestyle allow us to live much longer than our ancestors, in many cases people have to literally cling to every extra year.  While a healthy part of our life is prolonged, people remain healthy and active in old age, the rate of health preservation does not grow as fast as life expectancy in general.

 How to deal with aging

 Fighting aging with health and longevity is hindered by negative historical experience and psychological barriers in the minds of people.  Few people believe in the possibility of non-aging or a substantial extension of the maximum life expectancy.  Lack of scientific knowledge, as a rule, is replaced by installations like - against nature you will not trample, and what for to struggle, if all there will be.  It is easier for people to live today than to think about old age and make efforts and take care of health and longevity.

 In order to prolong life has not turned into an extension of old age, it is necessary to solve the problem not only how to slow down aging, but even significantly rejuvenate the body.

 And since we do not have the task of prolonging old age, we need to solve the problem of prolonging youth, prolonging healthy and active human life.

 Old age is a disease that can and should be treated.  For most people this view is unusual.  But longevity without old age does not contradict the laws of nature.  On the planet there are organisms that do not age for centuries.

 Long live sea urchins and whales do not age.  From age sometimes reaches more than 200 years.

 Practically the nerd digger does not age.  The appearance of the animal can not tell how old he is - 3 years or 30.

 Quite a long time live turtles.  Among the plants, some species of pine trees, living for several thousand years, are long-livers!

 To date, science already knows some substances well studied in animals that can slow aging and increase both the average and maximum life expectancy.  These substances are geroprotectors (protecting against aging).

 Drugs that slow the aging process








 Acetylsalicylic acid</