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Slim figure

Slim figure




Admin Admin июн 21, 2018 The theme of health 0 Comments

Detoxification of the body - a fashion trend in recent years, the subject of the fascination of many men and women.

 How necessary this procedure really is, what methods are effective, and which ones should be refrained from - the review of detox methods will help to understand this.

 What is the purpose of detoxification?

 Detoxification is the elimination of toxins from the body.

 The word "toxin" comes from the Greek toxikos, which means "poisonous".  Simply put, toxins are poisons that accumulate inside us at the cellular level.  The main source is the environment.  Poisons penetrate into our body with food, water, from the air and through the skin.  The source of toxins can also be intestinal parasites - helminths, ascarids and the like.  Poisonous bacteria and viruses poison us with their poisons.  In fact, the infectious disease is nothing but the poisoning of the body with the products of the vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms.

 Normally, a healthy body gets rid of accumulated toxins on its own.

 Natural detoxification is one of the main functions of the liver and kidneys.

 "Waste" is taken out of cells with blood, which, in turn, is filtered by the liver.  A harmful "infiltrate" leaves the body together with urine, then breathing.

 In recent years, there is an increasing need for artificial stimulation of cleansing from poisons, even for people leading a healthy lifestyle.  The fault is pollution of the environment.

 Signs that the body needs to detoxify

 It's time to think about detoxification, if you find yourself experiencing such symptoms:

 Decreased immunity.

 No "cold-wet season" can not do without a cold and SARS - the mechanisms of the body's resistance clearly do not cope with the tasks assigned to them.

 General malaise.

 Constant fatigue, fatigue, depression.  Any work seems overwhelming and unbearable, and favorite things no longer bring joy and satisfaction.

 Irritability increases.

 Get out of bed in the morning - how to climb the scaffold.  All this is accompanied by a headache, an aching joint, and muscle cramps.

 Changes in the hormonal background.

 Every woman who has experienced a beautiful state of pregnancy knows how it is when "hormones sham", and easily identifies the symptoms - a change in body odor, sweating, weight fluctuations, regardless of the change in diet.

 Problems with appearance.

 The hair loses its shine, it sekutsya, nails a