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The existence and full functioning of the human body is possible only because of its harmonious interaction with a rich microbial world.  He can influence man in different ways, in some cases becoming a saving element, in others - a direct threat to life.  The only fair judge who can correctly assess the intentions of the contacting microbe is healthy immunity.  But, unfortunately, with him it's not so simple.

 Symptoms of decreased immune activity

 fast fatiguability

 chronic fatigue

 drowsiness or, conversely, insomnia


 aches in muscles and joints.

 The next stage is endless diseases, not a single infection passes by, not a single virus.  The last stage is a whole set of chronic diseases and complications.  The question arises as to how to raise immunity and improve one's health.

 Causes of decreased immunity

 Bad ecology: water, air, insecticides, herbicides, radionuclides.  Our grandparents lived in the best ecological conditions, so they did not catch cold from the open window and did not "grasp" the sore throat from a drink of cold water.

 Food.  Low-quality, artificial, poisoned, pickled food, containing more than 1000 names of preservatives, stabilizers, dyes, baking powder, etc. Products with a high sugar content weaken the immune system, i.e.  the ability of protective properties to fight external factors.  Drinks that destroy our homeostasis (constancy of the internal environment).  Sour, sweet, fizzy with sugar substitutes.  They poison the aquatic environment of cellular and intercellular spaces, destroying immunity.

 In women, a crushing blow to immunity causes fasting and eternal diets.  On the immune system, excess weight and insufficient weight are detrimental.  So you should not starve or overeat.  More tips to read in the nutrition section

 Deficiency of vitamins and microelements.  Lack of trace elements, especially basic, vital, which are involved in enzymatic metabolism, such as, for example, zinc and selenium.  Deficiency of vitamin A weakens the body's immune response to the penetration of foreign protein.  Vitamins B groups help stimulate immune activity during periods of physical stress and loss of strength.  With a sharp drop in the level of vitamin B, the ability of the body to produce antibodies to kill the infection is significantly reduced.  Vitamin C deficiency can have a different negative effect on immunity: weaken the response of protective properties to a signal about the pathological condition, reduce the rate of production of antibodies to fight infection.

 Antibiotics.  Recent studies by German doctors have shown that any antibiotic, even if used on purpose, lowers the body's immune system by 50-75 percent.  Therefore, advice: in any case, do not self-medicate and do not buy "on your taste" antibiotics in pharmacies, even if they are sold without a prescription!  It is very important to limit the use of prescribed antibiotics, but it is equally important to reduce the consumption of meat containing antibiotics.  Buy organic meat and chicken from shops you trust.  Some poultry producers feed chickens with antibiotics that stimulate their growth.  although it is officially stated that antibiotics protect birds from diseases.  But doctors believe that an overabundance of such antibiotics can lead to a decrease in the immunity of the human body and the formation of bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

 Stress.  Constant stress ... Stress can not be avoided - they need to be able to resist.  Perhaps you will be interested in that there is a link between stress and cancer.

 Physical and mental overload.

 Viral infections, microbes, bacteria.  Aggression of bacteria, viruses, fungi, as well as other parasites and protozoa.  Recently there has been an increased aggressiveness of the parallel world, even bacteria that were previously considered conditionally pathogenic began to show aggressiveness.Microbiologists estimated that the usual kitchen sponge contains about 320 million pathogens, of which about 3000 bacteria fall into their hands and then into their mouths.  This number of microorganisms can suffice for the development of the disease.

 Medicines to strengthen immunity

 Dr. Theiss





























 How to increase immunity

 If you want to be healthy, change your lifestyle.  Your motto is "no" lying on the couch, giving physical exercises and fresh air!  Stress - the main enemy of immunity, drive yourself away from the experience and do not be nervous.  Try to get as many positive emotions as possible.  But to begin strengthening immunity it is necessary, of course, with food.

 1. Vitamins and minerals

 The most important for the immune system are vitamins A, B5, C, D, F, PP;

 Almost all vegetable food, especially yellow and red color (carrots, red pepper, melon, tomatoes, pumpkin) contains beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A and carotenes are responsible for the strength of the immune response to antigen invasion;  in addition, they are able to some extent to protect against cancer.

 The main source of vitamin C is everyone - black currant, dog rose, citrus, sea buckthorn, parsley, sour cabbage, lemon.  Deficiency of this vitamin reduces the rate of production of antibodies, and its sufficient intake of food - a guarantee of the development of full-fledged immune cells.

 B vitamins contain, seeds, wholemeal bread, nuts, buckwheat, legumes, sprouted cereals, mushrooms, cheese.  Many in nuts, seeds and sprouted grains of vitamin E - an antioxidant, protecting the cells from damage.  Another source of vita