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From Scars

From Scars

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None of us is immune from the appearance on the body of such ugly skin defects, like scars and scars.  Recently, pharmacies can be purchased various drugs that help them get rid of.  Let's try to figure out which remedy for scars and scars is the most effective.

 How Scars and Scars Are Formed

 In order for the removal of such skin defects to have the maximum effect, it is necessary to know which medicine is suitable for treating a particular type of scars and scars.  This is due to the fact that any drugs in cosmetology are not absolutely universal.  They are designed to eliminate some kind of skin problems.  Scars and scars have a different nature, so for their treatment it is necessary to select the most suitable means.

 At the site of damage to the upper and deep layers of the epidermis, connective tissue is formed, which is very different from normal skin.  Scars and scars are considered a cosmetic defect.  To treat the skin, you can use a special cream, ointment or oil.  Indications for the use of such medicines are:

 1. Keloid scars (scars) that appear as a result of traumatic damage to the epidermis, thermal or chemical burns, and surgical intervention.  From other types of defects, they differ in the elevation of this formation over the level of normal skin.  Sometimes they expand beyond the primary focus of damage.

 2. Stretching, which is a pathological change in the skin during its stretching.

  Hypertrophic scars that occur only in the focus of primary skin lesions.  Over time, they sometimes self-diminish in size.

  Atrophic scars appearing on the site of boils or carbuncles.  They are formed also after acne and acne as a result of their extrusion.

 For the treatment of each of the above mentioned skin defects, special medicines are produced.  Ointment or cream from scars and scars contains a certain amount of active substance that acts against them when applied to the damaged area.  Among these drugs, gels and ointments are most popular, which are sold in tubes, as they are much more convenient to apply than the remedy in a jar.

 Method of application of drugs for protivy of scars

 The action of the remedies against scars and scars is based on the properties of their ingredients.  Most often they normalize microcirculation in damaged areas of the skin and limit the spread of connective tissue to the nearby epidermis.  Ointment, gel or cream against scars and scars penetrate deep layers of the epidermis and promote regeneration of skin cells.  They increase its elasticity and elasticity.  Due to their action in these skin defects, resorption of keloid tissue occurs and the water balance of the surface layer of the epidermis is restored.

 Each antiplatelet agent contains substances that exert fibrinolytic, antithrombotic, keratolytic and anti-inflammatory effects.  They prevent the proliferation (multiplication) of keloid fibroblasts.  Thanks to them, cell regeneration is stimulated.

  Gel Kontratubeks from scars and scars

 Apply any gel or ointment of this kind in strict accordance with the instructions.  A certain way of using these drugs and their prescribed doses are the key to a good therapeutic effect.  At the same time, correct application prevents the occurrence of various side effects.  These funds are applied to scars and scars after their preliminary cleaning with water and soap.  A small amount of the drug is rubbed lightly into the defect of the skin in a circular motion.  Different ointments and creams are applied 1 or 2-3 times a day (in accordance with the instructions).  To ensure the safety of the required amount of funds on the scar or scar, a protective bandage or patch can be used.

 Contraindications and side effects

 Like any other medication, gels and creams from scars have their contraindications, depending on the ingredients that make up their composition.The main contraindications:

 • Sensitivity to components;

 • allergic skin reactions in the area of the defect;

 • ulcerative-necrotic, purulent and inflammatory processes;

 • open wounds;

 • Oncological formations in the scar or scar area.

 In some cases, drugs against these defects cause such side effects: itching, allergic rashes, contact dermatitis, irritation.

  The effect of the use of drugs against scarring and scars

 The most popular means against scars

 There are many different preparations of this kind, and each of them can be met with conflicting reviews.  Below are the funds that are most popular among consumers.  These include:

 1. Ointment from scars Scarguard.  It is used to treat defects on the skin of the face.  It has a fairly liquid consistency.  The composition of the ointment includes silicone, active substances and vitamins.  It is applied with a brush, after which it dries and forms a film on the skin.  Thanks to her scars become softer.  The frequency of application depends on the depth of the defect and its age.  Usually treatment lasts up to 6 months.

 2. Ointment Sledocyte is an excellent remedy for the treatment of acne scars and acne.  It reduces inflammation of the skin and activates its regenerative capacity, thus preventing the appearance of new defects.  It can