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Slim figure

Slim figure


The most effective exercises for pain in the neck and back

The most effective exercises for pain in the neck and back

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 8 hours - in the office at the computer, 2 hours - in transport on the way to work and back home, and then sitting in a chair by the TV.  When nature designed man, she could not assume that her most successful creation would have to sit so much.  The back and the neck are paying for the unmerciful load.

 How to relieve pain?  Of course, take the appropriate pain reliever and muscle relaxant.  And doctors advise to do gymnastics and send the patient to the gym.  What movements will help?  Exercises are offered by an athlete who regularly performs this gymnastics, because every day he tests his back for strength.

 Exercises for neck pain

 1. Standing position.  Straighten your back.  The hand goes around the head and grabs it by the opposite ear.  Keep your neck straight.  Now lower your head to the side so that your ear touches your shoulder.  Press it tightly against your shoulder.  And at this moment lift the chin up, lower down, then hold it in the middle.  Change your hand - clasp your ear with your other hand.  Press your head tightly, touching your ear with your shoulder.  And again, raise the chin: up-down-in the middle.

 2. Sitting position.  Chin pull to the chest.  Hands in the lock on the head.  Hands act as a sinker.  At this point, your task as much as possible to stretch and relax the muscles of the neck - under pressure (under the weight of your hands) they simply stretch.  Sit in this position for 10 seconds.  Gently lower your arms and gently raise your head.

 How to control breathing with these exercises?

 It is necessary to concentrate on the moment when you exhale, because the body relaxes at that moment.  That is, you lower your head - and at this moment you make the maximum exhalation.  If it is difficult for you to exhale at the end point, exhale in motion.

 Exercises for back pain

 1. The simplest exercise that will bring muscles in tone is to squat.  Even if you sit with your heels cut off from the floor, this will already be useful, because the muscles of your back will begin to stretch.  The next stage is a complicated version: you drop your heels on the floor.  Then you reduce the feet and knees and sit in this position, while the buttocks are drawn to the heels.

 You can further complicate the exercise - lower your chin to your chest.  The most advanc