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Vitamins for the heart and blood vessels

Vitamins for the heart and blood vessels

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 A strong heart and strong blood vessels are the key to a long and fulfilling life.  Young people pay little attention to the state of their cardiovascular system, clutching their heads only when a disease comes.  The human heart daily copes with incredible loads.  Due to the frantic pace of life, stress, poor nutrition, the circulatory system is weakened, filled with toxins and toxic substances.  Vitamins for the heart and blood vessels, not only for the elderly, but also for young people.  Taking vitamin preparations is a sure way to maintain health and prolong life.

 Causes of heart disease

 According to statistics, heart disease is one of the leaders among human pathologies in disability and mortality.  Why are modern people of all ages prone to diseases of the cardiovascular system?  The main culprit - the wrong way of life.  Representatives of today's young people do not move much, they feed incompletely, they are often nervous, worried, under stress, chasing success, forgetting about rest.  And lack of sleep and excess load are the main enemies of the heart.  Cardiac pathologies result from the following factors:

 high blood pressure;


 sedentary lifestyle;

 bad habits;

 constant stress;

 genetic predisposition;

 lack of vitamins and minerals in the body.

 Vitamins and biologically active substances necessary for the heart

 In order for the heart to remain healthy, the body must receive vitamins and trace elements in the optimal amount.  Listed below are the vitamins most needed for the normal functioning of the heart muscle.

 1. Retinol or vitamin A. Fat-soluble substance that stimulates the metabolism, preventing the development of atherosclerosis.  Fish oil, milk, carrots are rich in retinol.  Pharmacies sell retinol acetate, a solution for oral administration.

 2. Ascorbic acid or vitamin C. A water-soluble substance that activates the metabolism, destroys harmful cholesterol, strengthens the heart muscle.  Vitamin contain in a large number mainly vegetable products: dogrose, citruses, currants, bell pepper.  Ascorbic acid can be used in injections, tablets and absorbable pills.

 3. Tocopherol or vitamin E. It prevents the oxidation of fats and the formation of free radicals that destroy the tissue of the heart muscle and blood vessels.  In a significant amount is present in the liver, nuts, vegetable oil.  In the pharmacy, the vitamin can be purchased in capsule form or as a solution.

 4. Rutin or vitamin P. Water-soluble substance that strengthens the walls of blood vessels, is used for pathological bleeding.  Vitamins are rich in citruses, apples, wild rose.  In pharmacies, rutin is sold in pill form.

 5. Thiamine or Vitamin B1.  Water soluble substance necessary for proper cardiac muscle contraction.  Cereal cereals contain the most thiamine.  To eliminate the deficiency of this vitamin in the body, injections are usually prescribed.

 6. Pyridoxine or Vitamin B6.  Destroys harmful cholesterol, normalizes the work of the vessels of the nose, eyes, brain, activates lipid metabolism.  A significant amount is present in meat, fish, legumes, milk.  Usually used in injections of pyridoxine hydrochloride.

 7. Vitamin F. Vitamin-like compounds are poly-saturated fatty acids.  They prevent the formation of cholesterol plaques in blood vessels.  Fish oils, vegetable oils, fish and seafood are rich in fatty acids.

 8. Coenzyme Q10.  An enzyme that is synthesized in the human liver with sufficient intake of plant and animal products into the body.  With a deficiency of the substance increases the likelihood of myocardial infarction, the body is rapidly aging.

 TOP best vitamins for the heart



 BAA Hawthorn Forte

 Vitrum Cardio

 Will direct

 Cardio Forte

 Doppelgerz Cardiovital

 CoQ10 (coenzyme Q10)



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