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Очень быстрая доставка, очень низкие цены, удобный сайт, все качественно и хорошо"

Bystrova Elena


Cool shop , good prices, fast delivery, friendly staff"

Jhonny Raider

Project Manager

Cena je nižší než v lékárnách. Rychlé doručení a doručení objednávky. Sortiment."

Eva Kučerova

Stylový manažer

Быстрая доставка. Товар оригинальный, европейского качества"


Nashel tovar, kotoryj dolgo iskal, cena poradovala. Budu zakazyvat' eshhe"


Нашла косметологические препараты, которые долго искала. Доставили быстро, жаль, что посылка не отслеживалась."


Посылку доставили в Саратов через 17 дней. Товаром доволен. "


Like the service and low prices"


Много витаминов по хорошим ценам. Доставка в Одессу - 2 недели."


Mnogo tovarov i medikamentov dlya detey. Dostavka mogla by byt' i pobystreye."


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Slim figure



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Arkopharma Lipofeine Chitosan 60 Capsules Sale
Juvamine Phyto Konjac Pineapple 42 Capsules Sale
Les 3 Chenes MinciNov Innovation Weight Loss 60 Tablets Sale
Nutreov Pectiligne 15 Appetite Suppressant Squares Sale
Nutreov Pectiligne Fringales Satiety Effect 30 Capsules Sale
Nutrisante Les Nutri'Sentiels Konjac 42 Capsules Sale
Puressentiel Appetite Suppressant with 5 Essential Oils 1ml Sale
3C Pharma Fringalinhib 72 Tablets is a 4 actions food supplement: for satiety, anti-fatigue, anti-sugar, anti-nervous, powerful inhibitor complex against cravings. Its unique formula allows to: - help reduce sugar cravings and appetite through Gymnema Sylvestre, - reduce hunger and weight control through Avena Sativa, - keep calm during a diet with the Safran, - not be tired with vitamin C, - not be stressed through Tanacetum Parthenium and Vitamin B6, - reduce sugar cravings and control the glucose rate through Chrome.
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Anaca3 Appetite Reducer 90 Capsules is a food supplement in form of capsule based of plants and minerals. This food supplement contains: - Carob, a very famous fiber often used as a food thickener. It contributes to reduce the appetite and to limit the feeling of hunger. It helps to limit impulsive food cravings and helps to increase the feeling of fullness. - Fucus, a brown algae recognized for its several virtues. It helps to increase the satiety feeling and helps to slim.
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Aquasilice Organic Garcinia 60 Capsules is a food supplement with organic garcinia cambogia, from 100% natural origin.The garcinia cambogia is plant that mainly grows in India and tropical Asia. This plant is traditionally known for its effect on slimming. This is in the fruit we find the hydroxycitric acid (HCA).The garcinia cambogia helps control the weight, reducing the appetite.
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