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Очень быстрая доставка, очень низкие цены, удобный сайт, все качественно и хорошо"

Bystrova Elena


Cool shop , good prices, fast delivery, friendly staff"

Jhonny Raider

Project Manager

Cena je nižší než v lékárnách. Rychlé doručení a doručení objednávky. Sortiment."

Eva Kučerova

Stylový manažer

Быстрая доставка. Товар оригинальный, европейского качества"


Nashel tovar, kotoryj dolgo iskal, cena poradovala. Budu zakazyvat' eshhe"


Нашла косметологические препараты, которые долго искала. Доставили быстро, жаль, что посылка не отслеживалась."


Посылку доставили в Саратов через 17 дней. Товаром доволен. "


Like the service and low prices"


Много витаминов по хорошим ценам. Доставка в Одессу - 2 недели."


Mnogo tovarov i medikamentov dlya detey. Dostavka mogla by byt' i pobystreye."


Можно заказать много редких лекарств, доставка быстрая. Буду заказывать и дальше. Спасибо"


Spasibo za bystruyu dostavku, budu zakazyvat eshe, u Vas mnogo vitaminov i dobavok."


Хотелось бы доставку ускорить, а выбор лекарств у вас очень обширный. Спасибо"


Good European pharmacy."


Спасибо за доставку редкого лекарства."

Николай Малай

Посылка шла 18 дней, но упаковано все хорошо, товар оригинальный"


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Thermoscan 7 Irt 6520 ear thermometer (pack size: 1 pcs) is suitable for age-related temperature measurement for the whole family.

Emser Nasanita Baby Shower (pack size: 1 pc.) Helps your child to thoroughly clean and saturate the nose. Relieves you of dust, dirt and pollen. You can use a baby shower for allergies to pollen and house dust, as well as for the prevention of colds, acute or chronic inflammatory diseases of the nose and dry nose.

 Babysense II is a low-cost device designed for use in homes and medical facilities suitable for essentially healthy babies, except infants with a high risk of breathing problems requiring permanent medical supervision.

 BABYSENSE 5 is a non-contact sensor for breath movements with 2 sensors that can change their sensitivity. 
No more false alarms! It is designed to detect breathing irregularities, apnea, or to prevent SIDS in children during their first year of life. 
Babysense technology, along with highly sensitive sensors in the plates, provides monitoring even the smallest breathing micro-motions of the baby through the mattress during and outside sleeping. In the case of breathing or irregularity, a sound and light-signaling alarm is triggered to provide a critical time to save the child

 Monitor dechu BABYSENSE 7 je nástupcem velmi oblíbeného modelu Babysense 5 a hlavní novinkou roku 2018 Izraelského výrobce Hisense. 
Jedná se o nejmodernější bezdotykový monitor dechu na světě vybavený dvěmi senzorovými podložkami a designově nadčasovou atraktivní kontrolní jednotkou se zvukovým a vizuálním signalizačním alarmem. Monitor dechu Babysense 7 identifikuje vzorce dýchání Vašeho dítěte, které jsou přeneseny do kompaktního mikroprocesoru, umístěného v kontrolní jednotce přístroje. 
Pokud z jakéhokoli důvodu není detekováno dýchání po dobu delší než 20 sekund, nebo pokud se sníží počet dechů na méně než 10 dechů za minutu, je spuštěn akustický a vizuální alarm.

 The BABYSENSE 1 Breath Monitor was developed as a cheaper alternative to the most commonly used BABYSENSE II breath monitor. Breath Monitor BABYSENSE, as the only product in the world, meets the most demanding clinical trials and is also registered as a medical aid. The BABYSENSE 1 Breath Monitor has reached a proven, well-tuned infant breathing monitoring technology, but has been equipped with just one sensor pad for greater client availability and choice of variability. BABYSENSE 1 is therefore a more affordable variant of a clinically tested breath monitor for those parents who want to secure their baby in their most vulnerable period. In order to ensure continuous child safety even when it is already moving in the crib, it is recommended that the manufacturer additionally purchase the second sensor pad.

The care set includes 3 unobtrusive care products for your baby:

The marine solution of Sinomarin naturally has a high concentration of mineral salts and microelements. It guarantees optimal rinse of the child's nose and frees him from crusts and mucus, which can clog him.

Weleda Calendula Body Oil is a body care product. Body care products are designed for use in sensitive and demanding skin.