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Cows, sheep and goats protect against subacute and chronic inflammation of the mammary gland, tendons, hardening (induration) and wart udder, for softening of the skin of the mammary gland (e.g. against sun-drying for grazing /, protection of milks hands after milking.
In combination with antibiotics to promote the therapy of mastitis, edema and uterine furunculosis.
For other animals, as support for abscess therapy, phlegmion, skin necrosis, bruising, abrasions, chills, chronic periostitis, tendovaginitis, periarthritis, joint distortion, tendon dislocation, tendon hygros, chronic bursitis, insect bites, blunt mechanical injuries

Natural herbal concentrate to stimulate the activity of pentagram elements of the tree. It works through a delicate irritation of the liver, gall bladder, fat metabolism and joints. This stimulates the work of these organs or tissues. In general, it optimizes the metabolism of the animal. Bioinformation of a specific homeopathic type for this product supplements and intensifies the action of the presented medicinal plants.

Stimulates the activity of organs and tissues of the next element of fire, that is, the heart, the vascular system, the hormonal system and the small intestine.

This reduces the excess energy and hyperactivity of the previous water element, that is, the kidneys, the lymphatic system, the immune system (inflammatory tissue), the urinary tract, and the genital organs.

Artihorse is a complementary feed for horses based on highly purified enzymatically hydrolysed collagen (Colatech®) enriched with magnesium carbonate and B vitamins (B5, B6 and B1) for the proper functioning of the joints, ligaments and tendons.
Daily dose
Mix 2 cups with regular meals
for at least 3-4 months. If necessary, apply 2-3 times a year as recommended by a veterinarian. This is a dietary supplement and can therefore be administered continuously without undesirable effects.
hermetically sealed package containing 1 kg of product with a 15 g dose measuring cup
The two measuring cups contain: 29,30 g of enzymatically hydrolysed collagen of high purity (Colatech®) • 186 mg of magnesium • 14,70 mg of vitamin B5 • 3 mg of vitamin B6 • 2,40 mg of vitamin B2 • 2,40 mg of vitamin B1 • apple flavor
Principle of the test: reagens give positive reactions after mixing with milk with increased cellular elements (mainly nuclear) and with changed actual reaction (pH). These changes in milk generally occur with irritation of the parenchyma of the mammary gland by bacterial and non-bacterial effects. After mixing the product with milk with an increased content of nuclear cellular elements, the consistency in the form of a viscous gel is changed. With a simultaneous change in the pH of the milk, the mixture changes color. The yellow coloration indicates acidic, red for basic.
Testing: Mix 2 ml of fresh milk in the test pan with 2 ml of the test, and the tilting of the pallet is followed by a reaction which usually occurs within 30 seconds.
The preparation contains finely emulsified dimethicone. This organic silica compound has a strong anti-foaming effect based on purely physical processes. Highly diluted silicones blast the gas bubbles that form during foam fermentation in the feed and at the same time prevent their re-formation. Released gases usually begin to leak in a few minutes and rust activity resumes. The product is non-toxic and does not damage the vital rumen microflora.
Dairy feed mixture for puppies, kittens, calves and piglets. It is used as a substitute for cow's milk for dogs, cats, calves, fattening pigs, and wherever milk is used to feed domestic or livestock.
dried buttermilk, dried buttermilk, dried buttermilk, soybean concentrate, skimmed milk powder, palm and coconut vegetable fat, feed yeast, Enterococcus faecium, premix of vitamins and micronutrients, butylhydroxyanisole
Serving and dosing:
The dry milk mix is mixed with warm water at 40 ° C. Then add water to the total ratio of 9 (water): 1 (MILAC) and can be fed. The optimal feeding temperature is 38C. From the sachet (1kg) you can prepare 9L milk drinks.
the mixture is mixed with water in a ratio of 9 / water /: 1 / milk /

Vitamin C PG
     Vitamin C (kyselina L-askorbová) je nutný pro formování a zabezpečení normální funkce intercelulárních složek tkání kostí (pojivových tkání, kostí, chrupavek).
     Působí jako stimulátor obranného mechanismu organismu (fagocytrna aktivita leukocytů, retikulo-endoteliálním systém, tvorba protilátek).
     Podílí se na oxidačních procesech buněk a oxidoredukčních systémech.
     Kyselina askorbová se snadno absorbuje z gastrointestináního traktu a je rozsáhle distribuována do tkání.
     Vysoké koncentrace se nacházejí hlavně v nadledvinách, hypofýze, střevní stěně a leukocytech. Nejnižší ve svalu, erytrocytech, mozku a tuku.
     Reverzibilně se oxiduje na kyselinu dehydroaskorbovou, která má plnou biologickou aktivitu vitamínu C.
     Hlavním metabolitem kyseliny askorbové je kyselina oxolinová.

KONVIT NEO is a vitamin feed additive especially for pigs and young animals of small domestic animals.
Regular preventive applications promote growth, physical fitness, performance, resistance to various kinds of diseases, especially metabolism and rearing diseases.
It is mainly used in winter and early spring, when vitamin and mineral deficiency is most often due to a low-fat feed. Mix feed in daily feed.
Vitamin C is an important agent in the defense against infections in both young and adult individuals of all animal species. It works favorably on capillary resistances and blood clotting.
Suitable for the prevention and therapy of infectious diseases, stress and bleeding conditions in animals and beneficial effects on laying in poultry.
Served with food or drinking water.
Dosage: 10-30mg / kg bwh.

Melting Nourishing Hair Mask The horsepower provides a high professional quality of hygienic care for weakened and split hair. The mask is easily washed off and leaves a pleasant gentle smell on the hair.